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An Earth Day Poem: “Her Fire”

Milourdes Augustin, Solidarity Program Officer for Haiti and West Africa, shares a poem for Earth Day.

Below, you can read my poem “Her Fire.” I wrote this poem during one of our program team retreats. I was inspired by all of the hope amidst the devastation that we as program officers, see through the eyes of our partners. The world is on the brink of a necessary revolution and Mother Earth is on our side, reminding us daily that she gave us the power to fight back through collective action and acts of solidarity.

Her Fire
By: Milourdes Augustin 


As we all watch the uprising of truth and


On the brink of global revolution 

I fear what the

Elite will try to do to protect 

Their ways of cruelty and gains


As breath in solidarity

We the people 

Are done with waiting

Waiting for our 


Of justice that will never come

From them 

A breath of solidarity 

As we fight with 


In our bellies

Mother earth reminds us that in


Lies what we’ve always needed


In one breath

Are tapping into her strength

And letting her fire penetrate 

Our souls and shared