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Stand with Puerto Rico after Fiona!

Stand with Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona!

Puerto Rico’s 3.2 million people were without electricity after the brutal landing of Hurricane Fiona this weekend. Firsthand reports from our partners described the evacuation of families, lack of energy and water, and farmers salvaging what remained of their crops in the aftermath.

As our movement partners tell us, this disaster is compounded by the very social disasters of colonialism and privatization:

«We’ll be spending the rest of our lives distributing filters, distributing bottles of water, etc., if we don’t address the fundamental problem. We’ll be continuously responding to disasters, disasters that more often than not stem from policies that we need to transform»

— Iniciativa de Eco Desarrollo de Bahía de Jobos (IDEBAJO)

In the words of Solidarity Program Officer Jovanna Garcia Soto:

My heart is broken, and I’ve had a lot of Maria memories in my mind. However, through their resistance, our partners and allies in the archipelago fill up my discipline of HOPE. Their work dismantling the violent monsters of colonialism and neoliberalism and building alternatives to these oppressive systems inspires me every day.

All funds will go directly to hurricane response and recovery efforts by our long-term partners and other trusted allies on the ground in Puerto Rico, including:

  • Comedores Sociales de Puerto Rico
  • La Colectiva Feminista en Construccion
  • Centros de Apoyo Mutuo Jíbaros
  • La Jornada se Acabaron la Promesas
  • Organización Boricuá de Agricultura Ecológica de Puerto Rico
  • Casa Pueblo
  • Instituto para La Agroecología, Investigacion y Accion – IALA PR
  • Colmena Cimarrona (Vieques)
  • Coordinadora Paz Para las Mujeres
  • Ayuda Legal
  • Agitarte
  • Colectivo Ile
We are also coordinating with additional allies on the ground in Puerto Rico, who are providing vital updates and analysis, including IDEBAJO and Brigada Legal Solidária.

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