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Celebrate 25 Years of Food Sovereignty!

Sustaining the Struggle: Celebrate 25 Years of Food Sovereignty!

«We, the Via Campesina, reject the economic and political conditions which destroy our livelihoods, our communities, our cultures and our natural environment.» — 1996 Via Campesina Declaration «Food Sovereignty: A Future without Hunger»

“We are fighting for a world where all peoples, nations and states are able to determine their own food producing systems and policies that provide every one of us with good quality, adequate, affordable, healthy and culturally appropriate food.”  — 2007 Nyéléni Declaration on Food Sovereignty

Help meet our goal of $14,000 for global movements now through October 22!

Since 1996, peasant movements have struggled for food sovereignty: to win a world where peasants, small farmers and Indigenous Peoples have real democratic control over their food systems, their lands and territories, and their lives — for people and the planet.

Grassroots International and allies like you have been there, accompanying movements like the global Via Campesina, Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement (MST), Haiti’s Mouvman Peyizan Papay (MPP) and many more. We have stood with movements both with political solidarity and material resources.

But the struggle is far from over. Even today, corporations are trying to reshape the global food system. Authoritarian governments and the agribusinesses they serve are violently attacking rural movements. And peasant movements are facing increasing threats from climate change.

That’s why we’re stepping up and recommitting to funding food sovereignty and other movements for years to come. Join us, and many other Grassroots supporters like you, in funding our Sustaining the Struggle campaign!