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Grace Goldtooth

Tiyospe Ota Yuha Win or Grace Goldtooth is from the Lower Sioux Indian Community in Minnesota also known as Cansayapi “Where They Paint the Trees Red”.  She works to advance the well-being of the Community through her expertise in Dakota language, education, the arts, cultural preservation, and wellness. Her professional background includes leading language revitalization as a Dakota language apprentice and teacher in Minnesota, engaging youth and families as a program specialist, and serving as the Lower Sioux Tribal Historic Preservation Officer. She is an active and past contributor to many advisory boards, including the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act Board and the Minnesota History Society Advisory Council. Goldtooth is a traditional beading, quilling, and textile artist and is active in the wider community through Dakota 38+2 commemorative and justice actions, revitalizing the coming of age ceremony at Cansayapi, and as a sundancer. She is a graduate of the Bush Foundation Native Nations Rebuilder program, the Blandin Foundation Leadership Program, and holds a Dakota Language Certificate from the University of Minnesota.