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COVID-19 Resources

In this time of the COVID-19, with all its uncertainty and fear, we offer solidarity — to you, to the afflicted, and to our partners around the world.

As we all know, crises like this one make existing inequalities worse. Many governments will put corporate bailouts first before assistance to people. Healthcare and other emergency measures will often leave out the most vulnerable. We are all affected, but certain communities, like those served by our partners in the Global South and on the frontlines in the U.S., are especially vulnerable.

This is the time for us to reaffirm our shared values and vision and to support those most affected — both in the U.S. and around the world. This page will share what we know from our partners and opportunities for you to show your solidarity to globally “flatten the curve” and raise the bar.

Show your solidarity amid this pandemic

We are ready to deepen bonds and solidarity during this time, and support our partners with love and financial support. We are in the process of making over $350,000 in emergency grants to our partners and grantees to support emergency initiatives that will build long-term systems change.  Please join us.

Your gift will be doubled, up to $20,000, with a match from one of our generous donors. This means you’ll have twice the impact!Donate

News and articles on the COvid-19 pandemic

Learn how our partners are responding during this crisis, how you can show your solidarity, and our analysis of the situation.

Resources for organizing and fundraising

Here’s a brief list of resources that are available for groups looking for additional support during the COVID-19 pandemic.