Grassroots International

Take Action

Knowing the truth is one thing. Doing something about it is another.

We invite you to do something by becoming an activist for food sovereignty and the human right to land, water and food.

Current actions:
  • Stand Up for Palestinian Schools: Four small brick rooms and two tin houses form the only school in an area where 1,700 Palestinians from 19 Bedouin communities live. In September, the Stop the Wall Campaign and the Middle East Children’s Alliance joined together to expand the school with one more classroom and a clinic. But on October 25, Israeli bulldozers and soldiers confiscated the modular classroom without any notice whatsoever.
  • Tell TIAA: Divest from Land Grabs & Deforestation: TIAA (formerly TIAA-CREF) is one of the largest pension funds in the U.S. with a reputation for social responsibility. It is also the largest investor of farmland in the world, with almost 2 million acres of farmland on four continents worth as much as $10 billion. However, TIAA’s farmland deals are contributing to land grabbing, deforestation, and human rights violations and are squeezing out family farmers and communities. Sign the petition today!