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Network for Social Justice and Human Rights (Rede Social)

Member of MST with military guards behind, Brazil.The protection of human rights goes hand in hand with the healthy growth of social movements. For this reason, Rede Social, a dynamic Brazilian human rights organization, works closely with Brazil’s social movements.

As movement activists and leaders brave challenging and frequently dangerous situations in their efforts for social justice, Rede Social’s work has been key in providing legal assistance/defense, research, trainings, reporting and media campaigns on civil rights abuses. Through research, advocacy and action, Rede Social works to guarantee the economic, social, cultural, civil and political human rights of Brazil’s politically and economically marginalized populations.

Rede Social was created at the behest of dozens of non-governmental organizations and social movements in Brazil, including rural workers and indigenous movements, youth and Afro-Brazilian organizations. Rede Social is a leading voice in exposing agrofuels in Brazil and across Latin America as one of the false solutions to climate change, driving land grabs while often producing comparable greenhouse gas emissions as fossil fuels. The organization has played a key role in exposing human rights violations against rural workers and displaced rural families affected by this industry.

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