Grassroots International

Ivan Yung (he/him)

Ivan Yung is the Finance Coordinator at Grassroots International. Prior to Grassroots International, he came in with over 10 years of non-profit experience that stretches all the way back to his days in high school as a youth volunteer at Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center. One of the causes Ivan feels strongly about is the ongoing battle with gentrification across many communities. The rise of luxury condominiums and apartment buildings has stripped long-time community residents of housing and small businesses. For Ivan, Chinatown is one of those communities most affected by gentrification. Growing up and as well as today, Chinatown holds a sentimental place in Ivan’s heart. However, over the past decade, Ivan has seen how much gentrification has and continues to take its toll on the Chinatown community.

Ivan is a first generation Asian American who holds a BA degree in Accounting from Newbury College. During Ivan’s spare time, he enjoys exploring Boston with his camera, grabbing Bubble Tea, traveling, playing trading card games & video games, watching Anime, and attending Anime conventions.