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Donor-Activist Engagement Groups

The Donor-Activist Engagement Group is an innovative model to deepen understanding of (and raise funds for ) global movements for social justice. Groups are intentionally multi-ethnic, multi-generation and cross-class.

Each Engagement Group cohort participates in a 6-month in-depth process to understand how race, class and imperialism impact power both in philanthropy and in specific focus areas. Together the group commits to raise critical funds for global grassroots organizations and movements through one-on-one fundraising and making a personally meaningful gift.

As part of Grassroots International’s mission, it is vital that we connect people in the United States to the movements we support. Donor-activists engagement groups provide an opportunity to explore radical internationalism, providing global connections that individuals living in the US often have a hard time finding.

Grassroots International is a member of the Giving Project Learning Community and uses some of the methodology based on the Giving Project model.

What you can get out of an engagement group?
  • Fundraising tools and practices to hone your fundraising skills and goals
  • A grounding conversation on race, class, colonialism, philanthropy, and systems of oppression
  • A community of like-minded individuals to connect and build with
  • Opportunities for in-depth self-reflection and transformation
  • A chance to provide much-needed support to grassroots movements
What do you commit to?
  • A six-month transformative process
  • Attending one three-day in-person retreat
  • Participate in the Zoom calls (at least one monthly)
  • Come in with an open heart and mind
  • Be willing organize and fundraise your friends and family, up to three hours per week at times
  • Learn about international struggles related to your group’s focus
  • Give a gift of your own – whatever amount is meaningful to you
  • Be willing to work through difficult conversations about race, class and colonialism by communicating honestly and respectfully the emotions and thoughts that arise within you
How can you participate?
Testimonials from the First donor-activist engagement cohort