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Join the Campaign!

Join our #EachOneOfUs campaign to raise $1 million by December 31 in support of global grassroots movements that defend land, territory, water, food, seeds, and the earth — for each and every one of us! Now is a critical time to give – a generous donor has agreed to match up to $50,000 of individual gifts between now and the end of this year!

“Sustaining Grassroots International means sustaining the struggles of frontline communities.

It means sustaining food sovereignty for peasant communities.”
Massa Kone, spokesperson of the Global Convergence of Land and Water Struggles – West Africa

“I support Grassroots International to show solidarity with people struggling for basic human rights and justice — often against formidable, entrenched opposition. It will take #EachOneOfUs to build the more equitable world we seek.”
Jim Graham, Grassroots donor

“The people most impacted by the problems have the clearest vision about the solutions. It will take #EachOneOfUs to build a world in which more of us can thrive.”
Zeph Fishlyn, Grassroots donor

The way forward is not the path of individualism that extractive systems of oppression would have us embrace in order to perpetuate themselves. The way forward is the path of community, of love, and of solidarity. The way forward is with each one of us lifting up each one of us.

These times call for everyone to be all in. It is truly going to take #EachOneOfUs.

Here’s what you can do to help make sure this campaign is a success:

  1. Make the most generous End of Year online donation you can.
  2. Share the above video with your networks using the hashtags #EachOneOfUs and tagging @GrassrootsIntl (Facebook | Instagram | Twitter), with encouragement to make an End of Year donation to Grassroots International.

Thank you so much for your solidarity and engagement.