Grassroots International

Host a Party

Is this going to be a fundraising event or the best party in town? Both!

Raising money and showing solidarity doesn’t need to be boring or dreary. Hosting an event can be great fun! Invite over your family and friends to enjoy dinner, a speaker or a video, and have a great party! Combine things in any way that fits your lifestyle. We will support you and make sure that your party/speaking event/dinner is a great success! Join other supporters in this important and enjoyable way to raise critical visibility and funds for important issues.

Host a speaker from Grassroots International and, when possible, our partners from Global South – and bring places like Haiti, Palestine, and Latin America into your living room or hall. You can raise money while informing your network about solutions to landlessness, Indigenous struggles, women’s issues, food and water needs for their communities. Hosting a speaker is a terrific opportunity to learn about the real impact of US foreign policy as well as what US corporations are doing in their quest for more profits. The speakers will explain grassroots initiatives and ideas from some of the most resilient and effective struggles in the world today.

Your choice: Host a brunch, dinner party, dance party, cocktail party, wine tasting, barbecue or movie screening. By hosting an event, you are helping to promote Grassroots International’s work to win the human rights to land, water and food for all.

Ready to make it happen? To host a house party or an educational event, or for more information, please contact Malkah Feldman at 617.524.1400, ext. 24 or via