Grassroots International

Our Impact

“I probably would not have survived had it not been for the support and solidarity of groups like Grassroots International. International solidarity has a very important and positive impact. Without that solidarity, we couldn’t survive – as people, or as a movement.”

– Janaina Stronzake, a youth leader within Brazil’s Landless Workers Movement (MST), a partner of Grassroots International

Sometimes impact is measured in an individual life, like that of Janaina, whose family had been homeless and landless before organizing to claim underutilized land in Brazil’s arid northeast. Now she is a teacher and trainer as part of a movement that has settled more than 375,000 families.

Other times impact is sweeping, like the ouster of South Africa’s apartheid regime to make way for a more inclusive, just and democratic system.

Rarely is impact immediate. Meaningful change arises from deep and long-term commitment. Grassroots International and our global partners are proud to be part of power impacts for justice over the decades.

Here are just a few examples of impacts Grassroots International and our global partners have been part of over the decades:
  • Awarded more than $48 Million in grants and material aid to hundreds of key and effective grassroots organizations around the world.
  • Responded to disasters like Haiti’s earthquake, hurricanes in Mesoamerica and bombing in Gaza with critical emergency relief
  • Strengthened global movements such as the 250,000,000-member strong Via Campesina as it defends peasants from land and water grabs by international financial interests.
  • Stood with and provided financial support to anti-Apartheid activists in South Africa as part of their liberation struggle
  • Settled more than 1.5 Million landless people on good land, restored local ecologies and set up innovative and highly successful agricultural farming cooperatives in Brazil.
  • Boosted women’s leadership initiatives in countries such as Palestine and Mexico, and increased the incomes and social standing of rural women through innovative economic development projects such as urban gardening in Gaza and the harvesting of palm nuts in northeast Brazil.
  • Supported the establishment and reach of agroecology schools in Nicaragua and Brazil, and seed banks in Palestine.