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Support Grassroots Feminists with Our Annual Fund

The three-headed beast of domination — patriarchy, racism, and greed — is so entrenched in our societies that resistance requires system-wide change.

And yet, your generosity is critical in dismantling the widespread structures that systematically oppress women. Your support of grassroots feminisms (each based on local conditions) is smashing the patriarchy and creating new alternatives based on justice, equity, and empowerment. How?

Your gifts enable Grassroots International to identify, support, and collaborate with community-based, grassroots feminisms. Our work with pioneering networks — including the Indigenous Environmental Network, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, and World March of Women — brings your support to the frontline feminist movements of the U.S. and the world.

Together, we can strike at the heart of the three-headed beast of male dominance, racism, and endless greed. Gifts to our Annual Fund support movements leading the struggle for a just and equitable society.

Thank you for your generosity and solidarity.