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Resource Rights: the Separation Wall, Elbit, & TIAA-CREF

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers Concerning the Separation Wall in Israel-Palestine, Elbit Systems, TIAA-CREF and Resource Rights

Israel is currently building a Separation Wall in the West Bank that seizes land and water in Palestine and severely impacts food production. It is vital for us in the United States to understand our responsibility through our tax dollars (President Obama’s 2012 budget sought over $3 billion in military aid to Israel). U.S. dollars provide substantial funding to enable and sustain Israel’s occupation and the ongoing grab of Palestinian land and water resources.

“As a college professor with a retirement fund managed by TIAA-CREF,” says Dan Connell, journalist, photographer, and founder of Grassroots International, “I see this campaign as a concrete way to address the policies of the Occupation with my colleagues. By focusing on Elbit and TIAA-CREF, we can make a small but measurable difference. It puts us on the road toward change. After all these years, this is the most important thing we can do.”

As part of our mission to promote resource rights, Grassroots International invites you to join with us in a nationwide campaign to ask TIAA-CREF to divest from Elbit Systems Ltd., which is a major corporation involved in the construction of the Wall. This FAQ document explains more about this effort.

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