Grassroots International

Jerrod MacFarlane

Jerrod MacFarlane is an editor, community activist, and donor organizer. He has spearheaded many popular education programs as well as coordinated major resource mobilizations for grassroots organizations and movements working to dismantle and replace structures and relationships of inequity.

Jerrod lives in New York City where he works at Book of the Month as an editor and podcast host. He is also a member leader of Black Alliance for Peace, a people(s)-centered human rights project against war, repression and imperialism, and Resource Generation, a community of young people with class and/or wealth privilege working to foster social justice. He currently serves on RG’s National Member Council and board. Jerrod has co-founded and led several of RG’s donor organizing projects, including the ongoing Fund Abortion Now! campaign, which has mobilized major resources to the National Network of Abortion Funds and connected Resource Generation members strategically with the larger reproductive justice ecosystem.

When not working or organizing, Jerrod enjoys rock climbing, hosting his friends for dinner parties, mentoring young people, and streaming movies.