Grassroots International

Meredith Smith, Treasurer

Meredith Smith is a CPA providing client accounting services to non-profit organizations and small businesses in the Boston-area. Her activism spans from participating in civil disobedience with the Clamshell Alliance opposing construction of the Seabrook nuclear power plant in the 1970s to working for global human rights. In between she designed textiles as a handweaver and was a founding member of the Cambridge Artist’s Coop in Harvard Square.

As a Vista Volunteer in east Tennessee in 1980, she helped organize access to health care in rural Appalachian communities that were heavily impacted by the coal industry and strip mining. In the 1980s Meredith worked as staff person at RESIST, Inc. and became involved in the Women’s Pentagon Action, the Seneca Women’s Peace Encampment and civil disobedience actions against global U.S. militarism. She lives with her partner Robin and their two (teenage) children.