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Enlace Civil

Mural in indigenous community, Mexico.Founded in 1996 at the behest of autonomous indigenous communities in Chiapas, Enlace Civil serves the expressed needs of the autonomous indigenous movement in Chiapas. The organization does not offer projects to communities; rather, it takes community demands and serves as a bridge to those in Mexico and in the international community in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples in the state as they work toward lekil kuxlejal – also known as buen vivir, meaning “living well” – an indigenous worldview about living harmony with and between people and Mother Earth.

Enlace Civil works primarily to support the dissemination information from Indigenous communities in Chiapas; channel national and international support to strengthen the development of autonomous indigenous communities in Chiapas, in accordance with the needs and criteria proposed by the people themselves; and accompany community actions and projects in the struggle for more just and democratic living conditions. Current projects that Enlace Civil supports include education, health care, agroecology, production and marketing.

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