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Seeds of Change Signup

Help us add 40 new members to our Seeds of Change community!

“Grassroots International are more than partners. You are comrades with whom we share dreams of a better world.”

— Cássia Bechara, Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (Landless Workers’ Movement, MST)

As part of celebrating our 40th anniversary this year, we are asking friends like you — who have shown you believe in the important role we play as a movement support organization — to commit to joining with us for the long-term. Taking this step will help us honor and grow our commitments to our partners around the globe for decades to come.

Join our Seeds of Change community — a community of people who make recurring monthly donations to Grassroots International. When you join, we will send you a welcome packet and gift in the mail!

Looking to the next 40 years, we are taking a new step in our radical movement accompaniment: we are adopting a new model of making multi-year grants to our partners. Moving 40 of our friends — both existing and brand new donors to Grassroots International — to making sustaining, recurring gifts would go a long way in making those multi-year grants possible.

So, would you help us to hit our goal, and be one of those 40 new members Seeds of Change by July 31st?

Movements for justice are counting on our sustained support!