Grassroots International

What We Do

Our grantmaking supports deep transformations in unjust systems by advancing social movements.

theory of change

We believe that social, economic, and ecological justice requires a deep transformation in systems, structures, and culture. Social movements are necessary to create this kind of transformation. Social movements are made up of people organized collectively with leadership from frontline impacted communities, who analyze the root causes of injustice, develop a vision for solutions that address these root causes, and take bold actions to make these visions a reality. Solidarity with and between movements is necessary to achieve this vision. Based on this belief, we focus on funding social movements through solidarity philanthropy. The concept of solidarity philanthropy is based on the following actions:

  • We accompany social movements through long-term partnerships that are based on: shared vision and values, reciprocity, trust, transparency, movement autonomy, and walking together for the long haul.
  • We work to make our own organizational practices consistent with social justice values.
  • We form partnerships with our funders to decolonize philanthropy, promote funder activism, and move financial resources toward social movements.
  • We take social action. We participate in alliances with the grassroots organizing sector, take positions on issues, collaborate on campaigns, and support the growth of internationalism in the US.

Therefore, it is vitally important that Grassroots International articulate and refine the concept and practice of Solidarity Philanthropy as an alternative to traditional philanthropy, to advance the radical and transformational power of the movements we serve.

Strategic priorities

  1. Grantmaking and partnership: Advancing social movements through solidarity-based grantmaking.
  2. Philanthropic leadership and funder organizing: Promoting a bolder, more progressive politic in philanthropy to mobilize more resources toward social movements.
  3. Social action: Standing up with movements through advocacy.
  4. Communications: Promoting grassroots knowledge and worldviews.
  5. Organizational health and well-being: Investing in our people, systems, and culture.