Grassroots International

What We Do

Grassroots International supports small farmers and producers, Indigenous Peoples and women working around the world to win resource rights: the human rights to land, water and food.

We are a funder that supports community-led initiatives and movements worldwide, with special focus in Brazil, Haiti, Mesoamerica, the Middle East and West Africa. We also partner with global networks like the Via Campesina, which includes more than 250 million small farmers and farm workers organizing in more than 70 nations.

We are an advocate for social justice, working with U.S.-based allies to move public policy toward justice and fairness, particularly trade, climate and food/agriculture policies.

All of our work relies on the principles that:

  • The people most affected by the problems should pose the solutions
  • Small farmers and other small producers like fishers, foresters and pastoralists are are better for the land, for the community and for the planet than is big agriculture that relies on chemicals, promotes genetic engineering and gobbles up resources
  • People are more important than profits
  • Long-term partnerships and long-term development are critical to making long-term change
  • Informed and committed donors can help support global movements to bring about a more just and sustainable world.