Grassroots International

Annual Report

Roots & Growth

The lessons we learn from our partners — both the grassroots movements we accompany and the donor-partners who stand with us in solidarity — keep us grounded and keep us growing.

The pages of this Annual Report highlight the roots and growth of Grassroots International and the movements we accompany. The roots that ground and sustain us have been tested mightily by disasters, authoritarian regimes, corporate dominance and anti-democratic values. Despite these changes, we continue to find strength and sustenance from our core values:

  • Courage to speak truth with power
  • Love to connect across movements and differences
  • Connection with root systems to provide strength in the storm
  • Conviction that community-led solutions, like agroecology, provide the best way forward.

Drawing from our deep roots we have experienced profound fruit and growth in 2018. That includes awarding more in grants ($4.1M) than ever before in our history; launching a collaborative campaign to advance global feminisms (i.e. a global diversity of feminism arising from Indigenous, Afro-descendant and other communities of color); engaging donors as organizers to support Palestinian-led civil society groups in the Middle East and the US; challenging traditional philanthropy to advance social movements; and supporting a just rebuilding and transformation in Puerto Rico.

In addition to our annual report, please refer to our Financial Report and our Form 990 for additional information.

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