Grassroots International

Annual Report

While many big agencies and governments attempt to implement top-down approaches to development, at Grassroots International we have always believed lasting change rises from the grassroots up. Even our name – Grassroots International – celebrates the power and necessity of movements around the world to transform policies, practices and power relationships to ones based on sustainability, equity and resource rights. Our global partnerships recognize that change is successful only when people in their own communities organize to confront the roots causes of the problems.

This year’s Annual Report features remarkable stories of resilience, courage and accomplishment. The report also describes the impact your financial support and solidarity make — empowering frontline communities and movements to advance efforts to win the most basic human rights to land and water, food sovereignty and climate justice

We also know that these are dangerous and difficult times for indigenous peoples, small farmers and human rights and environmental justice leaders. Sadly last year we saw brutal assassinations and criminalization of many of our partners in Honduras, Brazil, Guatemala and elsewhere. Many face evictions and hardship as they stand up for economic equity, dignity and the protection of Mother Earth.

At Grassroots International, our work is deeply grounded in progressive values like:

  • People come before profit
  • Change rises up from the grassroots
  • Women’s empowerment drives peace and justice
  • We make these differences together

You can read more about those values in the pages of the annual report. And with your partnership we can continue to globalize these values with a renewed sense of urgency – by providing effective funding, stronger solidarity and growing our impact as a community of US activist-donors.

In addition to our Annual Report, please refer to our Financial Report and our Form 990.

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