Grassroots International

Annual Report

Moments of Crisis, Movements for Change, Momentum Toward Justice

“I consider myself to be a global citizen. I organize for change within my community, and through Grassroots International, I support movements working to challenge broader systems driving injustices.”

Louis Perwien, Grassroots International donor-activist

Along with the tragedies and challenges of 2020 – in the US and globally – an inspiring groundswell of momentum toward social justice was palpable.

Crisis moments became movement moments. The pandemic was met with powerful solidarity responses; abuses of power with strengthened resistance; economic devastation with demands for transformative economies; and anti-Black violence with uprisings for racial justice.

These grassroots responses had built up their power over years of organizing, endurance, and vision. For instance, while conventional supply chains experienced disruptions and delays in the early days of the pandemic, our partners ramped up initiatives to feed communities through vibrant peasant food webs. The success of these efforts was the product of years of organizing to advance bottom-up solutions (like agroecology grounded in food sovereignty) while resisting corporate control of food, land, and water.

As attention turns to recovery from COVID-19, it is clear that the work necessary to recover from the pandemic is the work that our partners have been doing all along. The pandemic has helped awaken society to systemic injustices and to the need for new ways of doing things. This offers an unprecedented opportunity to scale up the vital work led by social movements.

In step with our partners, solidarity donors have a critical role to play in paving a new way forward. Together, we are meeting moments of crisis with bold determination to create a better future for all of us.

View our 2020 Annual Report for examples of the impact of Solidarity Philanthropy around the world — supporting social movements as they address the pandemic, defend Black lives, advance grassroots feminisms, and take action for human rights.

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