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Solidarity Philanthropy

“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” ~ Aboriginal activists’ group, Queensland, 1970s

This often-quoted statement from Aboriginal activists in Australia is especially striking when applied to philanthropy. It is in this spirit, recognizing that we are not trying to “help” but rather share a common struggle and fate with social movements, that Grassroots International developed the framework we are calling “Solidarity Philanthropy.” In fact, solidarity philanthropy drives the overarching strategy in our Strategic Plan for the next five years.

Solidarity Philanthropy is about meaningfully connecting donors and activists with movement organizations, decolonizing philanthropy and advancing transformative partnerships with movements for collective liberation.

In our 2019 Annual Report, you will see examples of the impact of Solidarity Philanthropy around the world, as our courageous partners resist relentless repression, envision a world based on justice and equity, and build sustainable alternatives.

In 2019, we led delegations to Brazil and Puerto Rico and organized a Donor-Activists Engagement Group on Land and Territory. We have strengthened advocacy and funding for grassroots climate solutions in the US and the Global South, and deepened our work on grassroots feminisms, healing and wellbeing, and human rights defense of partners and activists.

We are inspired by both our new supporters and long-time donor partners, and grateful that you choose Grassroots International as your go-to place to put your global justice values to work and as your bridge to fierce and resilient social movements.

In addition to our annual report, please refer to our Financial Report and our Form 990 for additional information.

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