Grassroots International

Educational Resources

Participatory and interactive education is central to the work of Grassroots International and our partners. Our approach to education assumes that education is most effective when it is rooted in people’s own experiences.

Please consider downloading our educational materials so that you can educate others about pressing global justice issues. Or consider inviting us to give a workshop or talk at a gathering at your home, your school, your place of worship, your community organization or business. We’d love to help.

Our rights-based approach to education and development places people at the center of the process.

Because education is a critical part of building a powerful social movement, we stand by our belief that education should be provocative, engaging, accessible and fun. Our educational tools are designed to create an iterative learning process using facts, role plays, games, and other elements that encourage active participation.

This process of helping people learn about how people struggle for justice around the world and act in solidarity with others is, essentially, a process of engaging participants in envisioning and creating new possibilities, and building a truly global movement for justice.

Grassroots International’s education-for-action work helps you find something truly essential — hope that a just world is possible.