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Solidarity Notes, Spring 2019: Grassroots Feminisms

Today, in 2019, women around the globe live in shackles. We see shackles of poverty and exploitation, sexual assault and trauma, racism and violence. Yet with profound determination, women are rising up to break those bonds and Grassroots International is honored to witness — and support — their powerful organizing, liberation and leadership throughout the world.

In this issue of the newly named newsletter, Solidarity Notes, we feature a few examples of grassroots feminisms from the Caribbean. This includes rural women in Haiti addressing centuries-old systems of colonialism, and organizing in Puerto Rico to promote a just recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and disabling austerity measures. And you’ll read about the global initiative underway to develop a radical feminist approach to challenging authoritarianism and the right-wing backlash globally.

We have an opportunity to learn from and stand in solidarity with women’s movements. Our collective liberation will be possible when the shackles that hold any of us are broken.

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