Grassroots International

Strategic Plan for 2020-2025

Today we are experiencing powerful global pressures on democracy, ecosystems, the economy, sovereignty, and human rights.

The social movements fighting these forces are under attack. In the face of these challenges, frontline communities and movements are waging courageous resistance and advancing radical and systemic solutions, to transform global systems, structures, and cultures towards a just and healthy future. Now is the time to double-down on our support to social movements on the forefront of these changes.

Strategic Plan, 2020-2025 

Both our staff and the wider Grassroots community hold the belief that Grassroots’ way of being with its frontline partners is (1) what’s needed to support social movements – flexible, adaptive, values-aligned, movement-oriented, bold, and radical, and (2) the kind of model and political leadership that’s needed in philanthropy overall.

Drawing from our strengths, the current context, and what we heard from our wider community, we have identified five strategic priorities that will drive our work in the next five years. 

In rising to the challenge ahead of us, Grassroots International has committed to five strategic priorities, each with associated goals, to drive our planning, implementation, and investment in the next five years.

Please read the Strategic Plan documents below, and learn how Grassroots International intends to meet the demands of the moment, and future, head-on.

Strategic PLan 2-Page Leaflet

Strategic Plan Executive summary