Grassroots International

The Issues

Resource rights, particularly the rights to land, water and food are critical for human dignity and survival. Today these are under assault by corporate-led globalization. There is an alternative-in the vibrant global social justice movement demanding and defending resource rights as basic human rights.

That’s why we are focusing our efforts to support the work of the different movements and groups that are part of this global phenomenon, primarily small producers such as peasants, small farmers, fishers, farm and forest workers, women and Indigenous Peoples.

Much of our work is focused on building the capacity of these movements (at the local, national and international level), on helping them realize their economic, cultural and social rights, and on defending their political and civil rights when they are under attack. As part of this, we provide support for community-led, sustainable development projects to help secure the human rights to land, water and food. Our partners take a holistic approach, using techniques that cultivate food, harvest water, conserve seeds and protect the environment.

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