Grassroots International

Kathy Mulvey

Kathy Mulvey has a quarter century of experience in strategic corporate research, policy analysis, and campaigning and advocacy on a range of corporate accountability, environmental, and public health issues.

She is currently Climate Accountability Campaign Manager and Advocate at the Union of Concerned Scientists. In this role, she leads strategic development of UCS’s campaign for fossil fuel producer accountability, guides engagement with corporate targets, builds national and international coalitions and mobilizes experts and supporters.

In her volunteer capacity, Kathy serves as co-chair of the Socially Responsible Investing Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Association.
From 2012-2015, Kathy directed EIRIS Conflict Risk Network of institutional investors. She worked with public pension funds, university endowments, asset management firms, foundations, faith-based and socially responsible investors calling on companies to support peace and stability in areas affected by genocide and mass atrocities, including Sudan and Burma/Myanmar.

From 1989-2009, Kathy served on the staff of Corporate Accountability International (formerly Infact), guiding dramatic growth in programs, budget and staffing during her tenure as Executive Director. Under her leadership, Corporate Accountability International’s campaign challenging Big Tobacco contributed to the adoption of the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) groundbreaking global tobacco treaty.