Grassroots International

Sha Grogan-Brown

Shaun (Sha) Grogan-Brown has worked to strengthen movements for social justice as an organizer, fundraiser, artist, trainer and consultant since the late 90s. He is currently the Development Coordinator at Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ).  Sha worked with Committee In Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES) from 2001-2008 as a Fundraiser, Program Organizer, and Development Director.  Sha served as the Grassroots Fundraising Coordinator for the US Social Forum 2010, and soon after joined Grassroots Global Justice Alliance in 2010.  Sha has worked with many grassroots organizations as a consultant dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and self-sustaining capacity of organizations, and in addition to popular education style trainings on grassroots fundraising, he has a virtual toolbox of skills that he likes to put to use in all of his work, including graphic design, Spanish-English translation and interpretation, and technology support. Sha is an anti-racist white queer transman and a new parent, originally from the Washington, DC area and currently based in Philadelphia, PA.