Grassroots International


During 2016, our generous supporters rose to the challenge of the times, enabling Grassroots to step up critical support to dynamic grassroots movements. Grassroots provided more than $1 million in cash grants to sustain and strengthen those movements—an increase of 35 percent over the previous year. With an eye on efficiency, Grassroots devoted more than 73 percent of spending to grants, education, and program activities.

Over our history, Grassroots has awarded more than $44 million to hundreds of key and effective partners. Active support of our donors makes all this work possible. Through grantmaking and advocacy, we play a vital role in supporting global movements that address the root causes of the challenges we face. We monitor the work on the ground to ensure that donations help create a more just and sustainable future.

Grassroots International does not seek or receive US government funding in order to remain an independent and outspoken advocate for the human rights to land, water and food.

For more information, please refer to our Annual Report and our Financial Report.

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