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Gaza Community Mental Health Program (GCMHP)

Palestinian woman.Grassroots International supports GCMHP as they provide mental health services to Gaza’s traumatized population. They place special emphasis on vulnerable groups such as children, women and victims of torture. GCMHP has carried out extensive therapy, training, and research since their establishment in 1990 in order to respond to mental health needs from the stress of occupation and violence.

In addition to their work with children, women, and victims of organized violence in Gaza, GCMHP initiated and has been active in the Palestinian International Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza.

GCMHP has evolved into a knowledge-based institution, serving as a resource for the community as a whole. In addition to providing services, GCMHP is enhancing the community’s capacity to deal with mental health problems. The severity of these problems among a population that has witnessed extreme violence over the years has reached an unprecedented level in Gaza – exacerbated by the siege and war. They are committed to ongoing needs assessments with victims in order to most effectively address their needs through visits, support, and documentation.

Now, after decades of service, GCMHP remains the leading organization in Palestine in providing psycho-social programs, adopting a comprehensive, community-based approach for working with children, women, and victims of human rights violations.

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