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Haitian Platform to Advocate Alternative Development (PAPDA)

LIMONADE, Haiti, The peasant women of Northern Haiti teach earthquake survivors for Port-au-Prince the tricks of their trade. This is part of the Haitian Platform for Alternative Development (PAPDA) food sovereignty and community development initiatives, Haiti.Founded in 1995,  PAPDA is a coalition of nine Haitian organizations working together to promote the emergence of a new Haiti, to challenge unfair trade deals that devastate Haiti’s farmers, and to promote public policies based in the common good. PAPDA works on diverse thematic areas, including external debt, alternative integration, food sovereignty, participatory democracy and decentralization, climate justice and international solidarity.

Its work focuses on developing unique and effective solutions to hunger, while at the same time pressing for structural changes in the nation’s food and agricultural policies. PAPDA’s work to build movements for local control of food systems (food sovereignty) challenges the more traditional ‘food security’ strategy that has relied largely on imported food aid and has eroded local production and consumption of locally-produced grains and legumes.

PAPDA has acquired an international reputation as a Haitian NGO that has both a well-researched and documented critique of structural adjustment policies and a concrete set of alternatives to these policies. Through research and documentation of economic problems, consultation and strategizing, public education and communications, lobbying officials, and international networking, PAPDA promotes justice-centered alternatives for Haiti.

PAPDA works directly with cooperatives and peasants organizations, dynamically working with them to address needs for land, create effective systems to produce and market products, fight back against land grabs, and create a national struggle for land reform.

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