Grassroots International

Middle East

Land and water have been at the core of the conflict between Palestine and Israel from its very origins. Access to and control of these resources is critical for achieving Palestinian self-determination and for an enduring and just peace with Israel.

Under occupation, Palestinians face the confiscation and destruction of land, homes and water resources; checkpoints and roadblocks; and the expansion of settlements and bypass roads. The Separation Wall in the West Bank and buffer zone in Gaza further impinge on land and livelihood as Israel continues to unilaterally expand its borders. And within Israel, Palestinians face the challenges of racism and discrimination, with a separate and unequal system of laws that unfairly impacts their own rights to land, water and food sovereignty.

Grassroots International partners with organizations in the Middle East, supporting grassroots initiatives that support farmers’ abilities to stay on their land and advance resource rights and food sovereignty. Our work with these local organizations – combined with that of allies and coalitions – facilitates international linkages to support the nonviolent Palestinian struggle for self-determination. Grassroots International continues to be one of the only US funders who support Palestinian organizations engaged in work for human rights, particularly the human rights to land, water and food.

Grassroots International provides support to the following organizations in Palestine: