Grassroots International

Katherine Asuncion (she/her)

Katherine Asuncion is the Project Manager for Donor Engagement. Most recently, Katherine served as the Development Director at the Student Immigrant Movement (SIM) in Massachusetts. During her time working with SIM she gained experience in organizing, grassroots fundraising, coordinating events and training. Katherine is excited to work at Grassroots International and develop this new position with passion and determination.

Originally from Bani, Dominican Republic, Katherine and her family immigrated to the United States with a tourist visa in 2003. As a young person, Katherine realized that she and her family were undocumented. For years, Katherine kept quiet about her status for fear of deportation, believing that politicians would see the value of immigrants and change the laws. During her senior year in high school when she learned about the DREAM Act bill, Katherine joined the immigrant rights movement where she met hundreds of undocumented youth like her from every corner of the world. When the DREAM Act failed, she began to question the politicians she had so much hope for and questioned the system in general. This, paired with political education and the stories she heard in her work, opened her eyes to the global struggle for people’s rights and the role the United States played in that.

On a personal note, Katherine is a family-oriented person. She is married and has two cats. She works out at a CrossFit gym, loves to eat a lot of Dominican food, camping and playing board games with friends.