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Maggie Russell-Ciardi (she/her)

Maggie Russell-Ciardi is the Managing Director of Donor Engagement. In this role, she engages individuals as supporters and allies of social justice movements in the Global South. She also oversees initiatives to help donors deepen their knowledge about the historical and political contexts in which our frontline partners work, and the creative approaches they are developing to transform unjust systems. Previously, Maggie worked for over twenty years as a leader, strategist, program developer, and fundraiser for grassroots justice organizations and progressive cultural institutions in New York City. She began her career as an organizer, working with migrant farm workers in Ohio. Maggie has a BA in Labor Studies and Spanish from Oberlin College and an MA in Latin American Studies, with a focus on politics and human rights, from NYU. She has translated As If No One Died, a novel by Poli Delano about the political situation in Chile in the years leading up to the military dictatorship. Maggie also practices and teaches ashtanga yoga and is committed to bringing the yogic practice of ahimsa, deep non-violence, to her social justice work.