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Lessons from the Grassroots of Honduras & El Salvador

November 2017


Join us as we welcome Gaspar Sánchez and Norma Romas for a discussion on “Resisting the Right-Wing Offensice against Land and Identity: Lessons from the Grassroots of Honduras and El Salvador.”

Gaspar Sánchez has served as the Sexual Diversity & Rights Equality Coordinator of COPINH (Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras) since 2014. The organization is the first Indigenous organization in Latin America to champion LBGTQ issues. Sánchez also hosts a radio program, Los Colores de Wiphala, that discusses human rights with an emphasis on the LGBTQ community. He leads community trainings on Indigenous rights, territorial defense, and protecting Mother Nature’s common goods under siege by extractivist projects.

Norma Ramos, is an activist, organizer, and popular educator with the Popular Resistance Movement (MPR-12) in El Salvador. MPR-12 was founded in 2002 as a social movement coalition during the fight against the approval of the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). Since then the MPR-12 has continued the fight; playing an important role in the recent historic prohibition of all metallic mining in El Salvador, fighting for the human right to water, and being part of a movement of agricultural coop- eratives that are struggling to reclaim food sovereignty in El Salvador.

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