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In partnership with peoples’ movements around the world, Grassroots International is strengthening bottom-up solutions to the major challenges of our time. Explore the diversity of social movements we accompany — and the different national, regional, and global settings in which they work.

Principles and practices rooted in unwavering commitment.

Our partnership model is grounded in our experience of grantmaking and accompanying movements since our founding.

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The inequalities that afflict Brazilian society are enormous: a mere 1.6 percent of Brazilian landholders still control 47 percent of the nation’s privately owned land, while 60 percent of the population shares just 15 percent of all wealth.

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Haitian proverbs tell not only of the country’s problems, but also how its people continuously overcome.

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Despite a wealth of biocultural diversity, Mesoamerica remains one of the most impoverished regions in the world.

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Middle East

Grassroots International’s solidarity philanthropy approach is intertwined with the history of its Middle East program.

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Puerto Rico

When Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico in 2017, its devastating aftermath exposed the effects of centuries of colonization, first by Spain and then by the US, still to this day.

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United States

Although Grassroots International primarily supports social movements in the Global South, we also fund work in the US that promotes internationalism because we know that US movements are key to a global justice vision.

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West Africa

The western part of the African continent is awash with diversity.

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In the words of Grassroots International’s current board chair and former staff member Maria Aguiar, social movements realized in the early 1990s that “It was no longer a conversation about power in their own countries.

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