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Donate to Our Haiti Program at a Time of Mounting Crisis

Grassroots International is raising funds for our Haiti solidarity program to provide additional support to our movement partners in Haiti at a time of a mounting political and security crisis in the country.

We hope you will give as generously as you can, in addition to continuing your regular annual support for Grassroots International’s general operations, which is critical for sustaining and growing our long-term movement accompaniment work in Haiti and other regions across the globe.

We share the analysis of our movement partners that the state of crisis in Haiti was caused, in large part, by what our Solidarity Program Officer for Haiti Boaventura Monjane describes as “the interference of imperialist powers undermining its sovereignty.” 

We believe the way forward is not the continued intervention, in the form of the impending international policing mission, nor of the proposal for a transition government imposed by imperialist powers. We firmly stand behind the process currently underway by grassroots movements in Haiti to articulate a platform for civil society and a political transition plan. 

We also believe it is essential for the movements to have the resources they need to carry and expand on their critical work defending human rights and documenting human rights abuses; engaging in food distribution as well as ongoing campaigns to create the conditions for food sovereignty; and building strong and resilient movements that can lead then country forward in the absence of a functioning state. 

To learn more about our analysis, informed by our partners, and about the work we are supporting in Haiti, please refer to this article by Boaventura Monjane and to the recording of our recent Solidarity Encounter, Unveiling Hati’s Security Quandary. 

Thank you in advance for whatever you are able to give to support our work in Haiti. 

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