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40 Years of Occupation, Now Factional Violence: Palestinian Families Need Your Help

June 2007

Grassroots International notes with alarm both 40 years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem and the escalating factional violence. Will you support Palestinians’ grassroots human rights efforts?

Palestinians face increasing levels of poverty and food insecurity, and continued theft and destruction of their precious land and water resources. On top of this assault, Palestinian factions battle one another in the streets leaving the civilian population vulnerable and unsure where to turn.

“We all have been defeated by Israel and that feeling of humiliation is now venting out against smaller enemies within ourselves.”

– Eyad Sarraj, Director of Gaza Community Mental Health Program

As part of a recent offensive on Gaza, an Israeli warplane fired a missile into the center of the densely populated Jabalia refugee camp in Northern Gaza. The missile caused heavy damage to Grassroots International’s partner, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights’ branch office, as well as to dozens of Palestinian homes and shops. Non-violent human rights monitors are being attacked, please donate now to help them. Since the beginning of Israel’s latest offensive on Gaza, 55 Palestinians, including 23 civilians, have been killed and dozens of others, mostly civilians, have been wounded.

One place where Palestinians turn to in the face of aggression and instability is the Palestinian Center for Human Rights. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights and the people of Palestine need our support now. Our goal is to send PCHR $40,000 this month to help them monitor and defend human rights in Palestine under these hostile conditions. Please click here to donate now.

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