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40th Anniversary Report: Imagine. Agitate. Transform.

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October 2023

“At our 40th, we look back and look forward as we rededicate ourselves to supporting the movements and struggles that are paving the way. This booklet is part of a collective process of reflection by our staff, board, and broader community.”

In lieu of our regular annual report, this year we are offering our community something special: our Imagine. Agitate. Transform report commemorating 40 years of Grassroots International. The report takes readers on a journey from our birth, out of necessity, in the face of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and famine looming in East Africa, to the rise of economic globalization and alter-globalization movements, to the multiple crises at present and the powerful grassroots responses to them. And it takes readers on an even deeper dive into our evolution through six key thematic areas of our work.

Evident in the report is both change and continuity. By necessity, movements have evolved with shifting global conditions, continuously offering powerful new frameworks and strategies, from the bottom up. And Grassroots International has evolved together with them, while remaining rooted in the principles on which we were founded.

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