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Announcing: A New Popular Education Tool!

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October 2008


Grassroots International and the National Family Farm Coalition announce the release of a new popular education tool that can help you understand and fix the world food crisis: Food for Thought and Action: A Food Sovereignty Curriculum.

It’s been said that “you are what you eat.” In the face of a global food crisis, it’s clear that we’ve been forced to swallow far more than what’s on our plates. Our global food system is broken, with nearly a billion hungry people around the world and millions more forced from their failed farms as industrial agriculture privatizes and despoils our water, soil and biodiversity.

How can we respond to such a massive and urgent problem? The answer, according to small farmers, farmworkers, fishers, consumers, environmentalists and indigenous peoples throughout the world, is to build an informed and vibrant movement for food sovereignty. First, we must first understand how the food system works, its failures and the hopeful alternatives proposed by those most affected. Food for Thought and Action: A Food Sovereignty Curriculum does just that.

The curriculum is divided into four modules: one each for consumers, faith and anti-hunger groups, environmentalists and farmers. Developed by Grassroots International and the National Family Farm Coalition, this collection of education-for-action exercises and fact sheets is free and can downloaded in single modules or in its entirety.

This curriculum advocates for a radically transformed food system – one where family farmers enjoy the right to feed their families, sell in local markets and care for the environment, and where consumers have access to healthy, reasonably-priced, local foods. The curriculum is free. You can download one module at a time, the fact sheets or the entire curriculum at

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