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Announcing the Launch of The Story of Stuff International

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January 2009


By Annie Leonard

Since The Story of Stuff was launched online on December 4, 2007, the site has been visited by millions of people in over 224 countries and territories around the world, and we have received literally thousands of requests for the film to be translated. We are pleased to launch this international site, which includes translated versions of the films with subtitles, as well as the contact information for the organizations around the world that did the translations.

The Story of Stuff International is starting with an initial 10 languages in subtitled format and will add additional subtitles and dubbed versions in the coming year. We also included English, which was requested by both hearing-impaired viewers and ESL teachers who wanted to use the film in their classes. Another dozen languages are currently in the works and will be added shortly.

Special thanks to Grassroots International and PLY Media for their support in creating this international page, and to our friends and allies around the world who contributed the translations. Many of the organizations which contributed translations are members of GAIA – the Global Alliance for Incineration Alternatives – an international network of individuals and groups working on waste, recycling, incineration and related issues described in The Story of Stuff.

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