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Boston-area Kids Raise Funds to Help Haiti

January 2010

Over the weekend proceeding Martin Luther King Day, kids from Jamaica Plain, MA took to the sidewalks to raise funds for earthquake relief in Haiti. They set up tables in front of local shops, including JP Licks ice cream store and City Feed grocery. In less than two hours, area residents had donated $356 to help the Haiti reconstruction work of three Boston-based groups: Grassroots International, Oxfam America and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.

  “I felt so bad for the people of Haiti – I wanted to do something,” said Alex Sinclair Thompson.  His brother Liam added, “I couldn’t believe how generous people were.”   “I felt so proud of myself for doing something to help,” said Abdul Teslim.   “Even though Haiti is far away, we can do something right here in JP,” said Talia Moss-Haaren.   They all hope to go out again and raise money for Haiti relief from generous neighborhood residents.   Photo Caption: Jamaica Plain, MA residents raise support for Haiti, pictured left to right: Abdul Teslim, Talia Moss-Haaren, Alex Sinclair-Thompson, Liam Sinclair-Thompson. Far right background, Daniel Moss

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