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Brazilian government recognizes Kaiowá’s territory

January 2013

After national and international pressure, the National Indigenous Affairs Agency (FUNAI) of Brazil acknowledged that 41.571 hectares of disputed territory belong to the Kaiowá-Guarani. The Indigenous Kaiowá-Guarani are the single largest indigenous group in Brazil. When faced with the invasion of large agribusinesses, community leaders said they would rather die than hand over their ancestral homeland.   According to Missionary Indigenous Council, affiliated to the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops, FUNAI published its decision on January 8.   The position of FUNAI represents a major step toward addressing the land conflict between the Kaiowá-Guarani people and agribusinesses in the state of Mato Grosso. Grassroots International has been monitoring the organizing and legal efforts of the Kaoiwá-Guarani for some time. Most recently, we published a blog about their plight to defend their ancestral territory.

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