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Building Powerful Movements

June 2019

Around the world, women, Indigenous People and youth have bravely united in ever-larger and more powerful movements and coalitions.

Guatemalan Women Unite Against Repression

Thirty feminist and women’s organizations from all regions of Guatemala have joined in the national Sector de Mujeres (the Women’s Sector), a Grassroots International partner. Over the last year, the network has developed tools and strategies to advance women’s rights through national and international media and advocacy.

As women built their strength, the state pushed back with proposed laws to restrict nongovernmental organizations and to shield perpetrators of violent repression. In March of 2019, the offices of Sector de Mujeres were ransacked and vandalized on the eve of a major protest. The Sector de Mujeres issued a defiant response, and pledges to continue its essential work.

“Women’s emancipation includes the demilitarization and decolonization of the country, as well as of women’s minds and bodies…”  — Sector de Mujeres, Guatemala

Haitian Movements Chart a Bold National Future

In April 2018, representatives of 153 organizations from across Haiti gathered in Port-au-Prince. Over six years, participants, including all of Grassroots International Haitian partners, developed a shared
platform of national revival and independence: the ‘Kaye Nasyonal Revandikasyon’  (‘National Platform Working Document’).

Member groups drew on deep local experiences and knowledge to create visionary national solutions and unity of purpose. The Platform offers a huge vision: massive reforestation, land reform and investment in family farmers, an elevation of women’s rights and status and protection from foreign economic depredation. The Platform’s devotion to the people’s
welfare stands in stark contrast to the corruption and chaos of successive national governments in Haiti.

We are proud to have supported many of the participating organizations and excited to stand and work with them to achieve their democratic vision.

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