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Can the World Revive a True Hope of Peace in Palestine?

November 2004

This morning, two of our partners were guests on a news special on Pacifica Radio. Ziad Abbas of Ibdaa Cultural Center and Hasan Barghouthi of the Democracy and Workers Rights Center talked about the struggle for self determination, democratic reform, and a just peace, but also about the even more profound struggle for respect of the most basic human rights and international law under the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

We also received a note from Hasan, expressing his gratitude for the solidarity and support of Grassroots International in the days since the death of Arafat, and outlining a series of questions that need to be answered in the coming days: what will the Israelis and the Americans do to restore hope that a just peace is possible? What will the new Palestinian leadership do to strengthen civil society and build democratic institutions? You can read Hasan’s letter here.

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