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CLIMA: Stepping up Support for Real Climate Solutions

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May 2023


The CLIMA Fund is a collaboration of Grassroots International, Thousands Currents, Urgent Action Fund, and Global Greengrants. We seek to collectively shift philanthropy to fund grassroots social movements that have the real solutions to climate change.

CLIMA released a short video explainer about our collective work, why we look to social movements, and how funders can join us to solve the climate crisis.

The solutions to the climate crisis already exist; philanthropy just needs to know where to look.

The proximity of millions of grassroots leaders – Indigenous Peoples, women, youth, and peasants – to the impacts of the climate crisis makes them best positioned to advance solutions that are just, equitable, and inclusive.

Funders are in a unique and timely position to support grassroots movements to accelerate change.

Funders have an opportunity to mirror the creativity and boldness that grassroots movements are demonstrating worldwide.

This is where we come in.

The CLIMA Fund was created to be an easy way to invest in grassroots climate justice movements. Our collaboration has over 125 years of collective experience building trusting relationships with grassroots movements in every corner of the globe.

Learn more about how the CLIMA Fund supports those advancing equitable solutions to the most pressing crisis of our time.

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