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Communities in Oaxaca Buried in Mud

September 2010

The hillsides of Oaxaca literally slipped into mud and slid through community villages nearby. Among those affected by the deluge are Grassroots International partners: Mixe Peoples’ Services; Center to Support the Popular Movement in Oaxaca; The Union of Organizations of the Sierra Juarez of Oaxaca; and Oaxaca State Coffee Producers Network. The full extent of the damage is yet unknown, but already we can see a clear need to fund recovery efforts

In addition to the immediate threats to lives and homes, the rains have also washed away women’s vegetable gardens and polluted precious water reserves.

Emails from our partners and allies in Oaxaca indicate the urgency of the situation. Hugo Aguilar, director of Mixe Peoples’ Services, wrote to us:

“Due to the extensive damage, we are making an urgent call to each one of you. We need your invaluable support to mitigate the impact of this catastrophe on Mixe families. We need support for: food, bedsheets, tents, electrical generators and financial support to help provide first aid services and rebuild roads and bridges that are washed away.”
Grassroots International is committed to supporting our partners as they recover from the floods. Please contribute to the Oaxaca Mudslide Fund to help small farmers and indigenous communities rebuild once the floods subside. Donations to the emergency fund before November 1, 2010 will go 100% to rebuilding and recovery efforts. 


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