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During Honduras’ Crisis of Democracy, Celebrating Women’s Leadership There

December 2017

The aftermath and ongoing conflict following Honduras’ recent election has inspired both hope for change and a spike in violence and repression by the Juan Orlando Hernandez government as it tries to maintain its grip on power. In this very tumultuous period in Honduras, it is important to remember the voices of courage that have been leading the push for justice and democracy in this nation for many years.

In this short video, you can hear the words of three important leaders from Honduras speaking about the situation facing Indigenous peoples and their environments in Honduras:  Berta Cáceres (via recorded video), renowned Indigenous rights and environmental leader who was assassinated last year; Miriam Miranda, the well-known Garifuna (Afro-Honduran) leader and advocate; and Bertha Z. Cáceres, daughter of Berta who is herself an outspoken advocate for indigenous and environmental justice.

You can also view a video of the entire event here, featuring a conversation between Berthita, Miriam and Grassroots International’s Solidarity Program Officer for Latin America, Jovanna Garcia Soto, during a standing room only event at NYU in July 2017.

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