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Emergency Fund for Palestine: our partners in Gaza need urgent support Donate Now

Donate Today to Our Emergency Fund for Palestine

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October 2023

Grassroots International

Grassroots International Launches Emergency Fund for Palestine

Our hearts break with every life taken in Palestine and Israel/’48. 

Even as we fear for the safety of our family and friends in Gaza and the rest of Palestine, we write to you today so that together, we can respond to the devastating situation with clarity and movement-centered solidarity.

A critical part of our solidarity is mobilizing funding for social movements that are a lifeline for the communities they represent. Please donate to our Emergency Fund now. Every dollar will go to supporting grassroots work in Palestine. 

Especially with major sources of aid announcing and/or threatening cuts in aid to Palestine and in light of the Israeli government’s cutting off of water, food, electricity, and fuel to Gaza – even destroying, for the second time, the Rafah Crossing – our funding support is critical for basic survival.  

In addition to raising funds, we must also reframe the mainstream discourse that continues to criminalize Palestinians. As the U.S. government offers unconditional support for Israeli war crimes, describing Hamas attacks as “unprovoked,” disregarding 16 years of siege and systematic attacks on Palestinians escalating in this past year, the best way to honor the loss of life is addressing the root causes of violence. As our partner the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights and other human rights groups remind us: For decades, since it established its illegal occupation, Israel […] has entrenched its settler-colonial apartheid regime, prevented the Palestinian people from exercising their right to self-determination and return, and has been committing systematic and widespread human rights violations, amounting to international crimes, against the Palestinian people.” 

Please read and share our statement here that includes more background and a call to action supporting the demands of our Palestinian partners and allies.  

Let’s make solidarity flourish to heal despair during this time when hope may be at its lowest point in memory.   

With your support, the Emergency Fund will support partners and grantee allies in Palestine who are working around the clock, including: 

  • The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) has deployed its network of fieldworkers into the most vulnerable neighborhoods in Gaza – where entire residential buildings have been flattened by Israeli bombs – to both document grave abuses as well as respond to the immediate needs of survivors. PCHR’s reports describe instantaneous killings of extended families and urge international accountability and adherence to international law through channels such as the International Criminal Court. 
  • The Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) is ensuring life-giving access to health services for thousands of injured Gazans. One of their strategies is providing medication and services through mobile clinics that can reach the injured and their loved ones who are not otherwise able to access medical facilities.
  • Other partners are making heroic attempts to support local farmers and fisherpeople to manage and distribute dwindling local food supplies and provide holistic mental health interventions with a special focus on families and children – among other life-sustaining efforts.
Donate Now

Thank you for your commitment to social movements over the years. We shall realize the love for humanity in a Free Palestine!

Ayman Nijim
Solidarity Program Officer for the Middle East

Diala Shamas
Board Member

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