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[:en]A Vision for a Feminist Peace[:]

October 2020

Building a Movement-Driven Foreign Policy

Grassroots International is pleased to endorse1 the new report A Vision for a Feminist Peace: Building a Movement-Driven Foreign Policy. Published today by our allies Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, MADRE and Women Cross DMZ, this groundbreaking report lays out an urgently-needed new agenda for US foreign policy based on intersectional feminist principles of collective care, reparations, and accountability.

“It’s not enough to ask that we reduce and redress the harms perpetrated by US policy. We must center intersectional feminist principles of collective care, reparations, right relationship with people and the planet, and accountability. This requires that we envision and create policies for the good of those who have been historically oppressed and marginalized.” — A Vision for Feminist Peace report

Crucially, the report calls for expanding and transforming the US peace movement by “connecting wars at home and abroad” and centering the leadership of women and gender-nonconforming people of color, who are on the frontlines of resistance. This report is not only a timely call for action; it offers a helpful set of transformative frameworks and suggested demands to facilitate collective mobilization. We encourage our network to take up this important tool – let’s all read it, share it and, most importantly, get ourselves mobilized for a long-overdue transformation of US foreign policy.

1 Grassroots International’s executive director Chung-Wha Hong participated in a retreat in February 2020 where the original “Feminist Foreign Policy” statement was signed.[:]

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