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Ending Femicide and Violence Against Women

November 2015

At least 35 percent of women and girls globally experience some form of physical or sexual violence, according to the United Nations. On this November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on November, Grassroots International joins our global partners in mobilizing to strengthen the struggle and resistance around to systems that exploit women and remove them from their homes, creates wars and militarizes civilian territories. As La Via Campesina rightly states, “It is urgent to build new human relationships that are founded on gender justice and equal rights.”

La Vía Campesina, a global network of 250 million small farmers and producers and a close partner of Grassroots International, is reaffirming its commitment to the “Global Campaign to End Violence Against Women.” Undertaken in 2008 with support from Grassroots International, the campaign is a tool for debate and education within the peasant movement.  The violence experienced by rural women is directly related to agribusiness and to capitalist production methods, which exploit and dispossess peasant women who have, historically, guaranteed food sovereignty for their communities, and who are the caretakers of ancestral knowledge—both with respect to food production and to biodiversity conservation.

Stop Violence Against Women posterThis year, La Vía Campesina raises its voice in opposition to all forms of violence and oppression while bringing attention to the global increase in femicides. “We witness with great indignation and anger how the current historical conditions created by the capitalist, patriarchal system promote social practices that permit attacks on women. This happens both in the city and countryside, regardless of social class, political beliefs, religion and age,” a statement for the Vía announces.

In addition to a patriarchal, capitalist society where violence is normalized and women’s bodies are objectified, the lack of legal protections, breach of laws and lack of public policies worsens the problem. This creates an insecure living situation for women that puts lives at risk and promotes impunity and silence.

Grassroots International joins La Vía Campesina and our partners worldwide in their call to expose and end all forms of violence and oppression that women face. As La Vía Campesina says, “Our goal is to strengthen our collective efforts as well as our hopes to build a new society based on gender justice and dignity for everyone.”

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