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Fault Lines – Haiti: The Politics of Rebuilding

February 2010

In whats left of Port-au-Prince, Haitians have self-organized into 450 camps administered by neighborhood committees. These newly formed communities not only provide temporary shelter, but are also launching points for local organizers to promote Haitian voices in rebuilding their society. Outside the city, peasant movements and organizations are welcome displaced victims of the earthquake into their communities. These returnees are part of a massive reverse migration back to their places of origin

Al Jazeeras Avi Lewis talks to Grassroots Internationals partner Camille Chalmers of the Haitian Platform to Advocate for Alternative Development about what Haitians in the city and countryside want out of their new reality in the following report. Also check out the latest issue of The Nation, in which Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine, writes about the history of Haiti’s “debt” in her piece, “Haiti: A Creditor, Not a Debtor.

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